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Lyford Nesting Side Tables- Turkish Coffee with White Painted Raffia

Look no further for your new favorite side table: nesting, parsons-style, and very handsome. Ideal for high traffic areas – bedrooms or living spaces, the dynamic nature of nesting tables is the ideal design for your fresh, modern home. Sleek leg details and the wrapped surface make this table an absolutely original.

1 Available in Turkish Coffee with White Painted Raffia 

Condition: Good. A few small nicks on the legs.  Touch-up kit will be sent.

Dimensions: Side table: 26W x 20D x 26H Nesting: 17.75W x 17D x 21.5H

$ 895.00 (Reg $ 2850.00)

Harbour Island Coffee- Turkish coffee with painted raffia

In honor of this Bahamian destination, we created the Harbour Island collection which highlights raffia for that island feel.  The Harbour Island coffee table is super-chic and has a clean, contemporary design sure to be a welcome sight in your island home or cosmopolitan residence.

One available in Turkish Coffee with Turkish Coffee Painted Raffia

Dimensions: 38 L x 22 W x 18 H

Condition: Very Good

Sold out

$ 795.00 (Reg $ 1815.00)

Oomph Rocker- Fantutti Linen

There is only one of these one of a kind pieces available in Pink Fantutti Linen 

Condition: Perfect 

Dimensions: 32.5w x 33d x 34h

Sold out

$ 595.00 (Reg $ 2995.00)

Wave Twin Headboard- Knockout Orange

1 Available in Knockout Orange Linen with Pink contrast welt 

Condition: Perfect 

Dimensions: 40W x 3.5D x 55H

Sold out

$ 195.00 (Reg $ 1365.00)

Bar Cart - Tricorn Black with Tricorn Black Painted Raffia

Where else would you mix your oomphtini? Our bar cart is a self-serving masterpiece, that is as much a conversation piece as it is a functional element to your entertaining needs. oomph’s two-shelved design can hold everything you could possibly need for a party and your everyday staples.

2 shelves; top glass, bottom painted raffia

Two available in Tricorn Black with Black Painted Raffia 

Condition: Good (less than 1mm scratch, will send touch-up paint)

Dimensions: 30 x 18 x 35.25

$ 995.00 (Reg $ 1575.00)

Fenwick Coffee Table - Oceanfront with White Painted Raffia

Inspired by a loyal oomph customer, the Fenwick is smaller in shape and size, than others in the collection, making it perfect for intimate spaces and gatherings. It creates a unique impact in a smaller seating area.

One available in Oceanfront with White Painted Raffia

Dimensions: 40 x 22 x 19

Condition: Excellent

Sold out

$ 1095.00 (Reg $ 1995.00)

Why Not- Fawn Brindle

Inspired by the "What Not" we've created a single side table, in the spirit of classic English Antiques. All lacquer, with a detailed gallery and bottom shelf. Just the right size beside your couch or chair and accessorized with your favorite oomph lamp!

Condition: Good - this showpiece has a couple of small nicks. Touch-up kit will be sent.

One available in Fawn Brindle with Fawn Brindle Painted Raffia.  Painted feet.

Dimensions: 24W x 18 D x 25H

Sold out

$ 895.00 (Reg $ 1575.00)

Edgartown Side with Shelf - Charcoal with Beach Shagreen

Like the town it’s named for - the oomph edgartown side table is classic in design, timeless, and just a little bit glamorous. Bed-side or in a living room, nothing can pull a room together like two perfect side tables. The edgartown side is a designer favorite and continuously chosen for designer showcases, magazine editorial, and inspired decorating projects.

One Available in new oomph color and surface, Charcoal with Beach Shagreen

Condition: Good

Dimensions: 24 L x 20 W x 27.5 H

$ 995.00 (Reg $ 1575.00)

Fairfield 48 Coffee Table - Fawn Brindle with Fawn Brindle Painted Raffia

The big brother of our classic Fairfield table, this statement table is the perfect size for today's larger spaces. Designer inspired, customer approved - it's one of our best selling tables.

One available in Fawn Brindle with Fawn Brindle painted Raffia.

Condition: Good.  This showroom feature will be sent with a touch-up kit for small marks.

Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 19

Sold out

$ 1995.00 (Reg $ 3295.00)

Newport Side - Club Navy with White-Washed Raffia

A subtle, elegant side table that is both modern and sophisticated. Similar to other pieces in the Newport collection, the delicate fretwork is all hand sanded. Beautiful in a bedroom oasis, or artfully positioned beside a couch, the Newport side is sure to be a favorite of decorators and design enthusiasts alike.

One available in Club Navy with White-Washed Raffia

Condition: Good.  This showroom feature contains a nick in one leg and will be sent with a touch-up kit.

Dimensions: 20 L x 20 W x 25 H

Sold out

$ 695.00 (Reg $ 1575.00)



Condition Key:
  • “Excellent”: Flawless condition. These unique gems are custom colors, discontinued styles, or just a little overstock!
  • “Very Good”: Editorial darlings, designer show house stars, and trade-show gems. These pieces are in excellent condition, but have been out on the town.
  • “Good”: Dings, nicks, and beauty marks. Minor scrapes can happen anywhere, but we love them still. We have provided images of any flaws.

Items sold on oomph on ELM are one of a kind. If there is damage during the shipping process, we will be unable to replace them.
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